Tracy Morgan denies man claiming to be his son

Tracy Morgan denies man claiming to be his son

Iyene Etim

Tracy Morgans Rep has come out to say that a man claiming to be the comedian’s son is a farce.

While Tracy took the stage at “SNL,” Lou Morgan, the “impostor” was partying it up at Tribeca club Haus, and was overheard telling the evening’s DJs to give a “shout out to his dad, Tracy Morgan, for his recovery and the return of him hosting.”

A source said Lou and his friends then dropped “$50,000 on bottles” as music from DJs Stacks and Klutch played

Furthermore, a Facebook page for a Lou Morgan includes a picture of “30 Rock” star Tracy, with the caption, “Happy Father’s day to the world’s coolest Dad,” as well as a pic of Tracy and rapper Shaggy captioned, “Mi papa.”
Taking things one step further, another photo shows Lou with “30 Rock” shaved into his hairdo. The interesting twist though is that, “Tracy does not have a son named Lou, It is just someone making stuff up. No one on our side knows this guy.” Tracy’s rep says.


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