Nigerian prostitutes mourn National President’s death

Nigerian prostitutes mourn National President’s death

Yvonne Williams

The National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (NANP), is currently in a state of mourning following the sudden death of the President, Jessica Elvis.

This was revealed in  a statement by the body.
The lady who just won a highly contested election where she defeated the likes of Madam Efoyo Felix and Tamar Tion, reportedly died after battling heart disease in a hospital in Benin, Edo State, where she comes from.
The number one commercial sex worker, before her ascendancy to the position of President of the body, was the Secretary and her emergence brought about radical changes and she led several protests to authorities especially in her base in Abuja fighting for the rights of her colleagues.

A statement from the association’s Secretary, confirmed Elvis’ death:
“We want to inform you that we just lost our president Jessy this afternoon. She died after battling heart-related disease for years.
It is a sad loss to NANP and we pray God to give her family and 15-year-old daughter the fortitude to bear the loss.”


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