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More controversies trail Rihanna in the book “Becoming Beyonce”

More controversies trail Rihanna in the book “Becoming Beyonce”

Iyene Etim

Reports say Rihanna‘s legal reps are furious with claims in R. Randy Taraborrelli’s book “Becoming Beyoncé.” which says her former publicist, Jonathan Hay leaked false details of the star and Jay Z to promote her first single.

Hay was quoted in the book,”I was working for Vada Nobles, who wrote and produced ‘Pon de Replay,

“It was my job to make sure she hit . . . In an effort to generate some interest . . . I began to plant . . . stories that Jay and Rihanna were having a hot romance.”

Rihanna’s Lawyer, Jordan Siev told Pagesix that Hay has never had any kind of relationship with Rihanna and rues that many media has called him her former publicist.

Hay, has reacted that he wasn’t Rihanna’s publicist but was the publicist for her first single. He adds “She didn’t have a publicist . . . It was back in the day, she was nobody.”

Hay, however admits he hasn’t read the book and does not know what it is talking about.

Source: PageSix