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Video: Nikki Minaj caught on camera making jest of disabled woman in wheelchair!

Video: Nikki Minaj caught on camera making jest of disabled woman in wheelchair!

Yvonne Williams

It’s no news that Nikki Minaj is one hell of an outspoken woman, but this time that unreserved nature of hers has landed her in trouble.

The music diva yesterday November 1, 2015 was spotted leaving the stage in Las Vegas and while on her way cameras caught her making  fun of a woman in a motorized wheelchair  and now, the said video has gone viral!

Decked in her Halloween costume and looking all pretty and perhaps drunk,  the star was heard saying, “Now if only I can find Handy-Man”. (According to gossip website – Mediatakeout.com – Handyman is a fictional disabled character made popular in the 1990s series “In Loving Colour.”)

Nicki looks around, and spots a disabled woman and points her wand at the lady, saying “Walk . . . I command you to walk.” After which she busted into a fit of wild laughter.

Expectedly, the star received major backlash following the video’s release, saying it was offensive to the disabled community, however, Minaj, is telling her own side of the story

According to her, this is what really Happened:

“Lol. That’s NOT a disabled person and u Know That. Are u That desperate for attention?” she tweeted to a reporter. “Bitch, u Knew. That’s my friend in a scooter. Have a great day. Surely I Will.”
She later Went there to tweet “BitchUKnew” and changed the subject by sharing photos of fans dressed up as her for Halloween.

See video here:


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