R. kelly addresses claims of sex with underage girls

R. kelly addresses claims of sex with underage girls


American music star R Kelly sat for an in depth interview titled “Is it OK to listen to R.Kelly?” with Vulture and he bares his all. In the interview the multiple award winning singer addressed accusations of sexual activity with underage girls.

Excerpt of the interview with journalist R. Kelly:

Vulture: Do you have a sexual attraction to underage girls? I ask.

R. Kelly: “That’s a rumor that comes from the Earth, like all rumors,” he says, sounding almost bored.

V: So it’s not true?

RK: “No. It’s not true. I love women, period. If I wasn’t a celebrity, people wouldn’t be saying these things about me.”

V: How do you explain people close to you saying that you have a problem?

RK: “I don’t know those people you’re talking about.”

V: (clarified)  brother, ex-publicist,  former friend and longtime personal assistant.

RK: “All those people have been fired by me. If you’re going to ask me these questions, you have to make sense out of it. It wasn’t until after they got fired that they said these things. Go figure. I got one life, and I don’t want to spend it talking about negativity. I’ve moved on. Maybe you haven’t.”

V: It’s not crazy to think that where there’s smoke there’s fire.

RK: “Let’s correct that,” he says. “Smoke can be anything. I’ve seen smoke and then I looked and there was no fire.”

V: And what about all the settlements? All the rumors?

RK: “I understand the game,” Kelly says. “Get as much dirt as you can on”

Source: www.vulture.com

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