Yemi Alade shoved me as I tried to get a picture- Fashion Blogger

Yemi Alade shoved me as I tried to get a picture- Fashion Blogger

Ezinne Osuagwu

A fashion blogger yesterday with handle @T2pitchy called out music songstress Yemi Alade in a lengthy post on Instagram on the way the artiste treated her and her little brother when they requested for a picture. Remember a similar experience with blogger Sisi Yemmie and Genevieve? well this was like a repeat. Lol. See her narrative below

So yesterday I had this photoshoot with my little brother and then decided to get something from silver-bird galleria, once we got in I recognized @yemialade and I was a little excited which I learnt better after yesterday. So I got closer and asked someone who was close, if I could take a picture after standing close by for like 3 minutes taking these distant photos and I was told that I can’t until I get some of he items she was selling. An arm bracelet for 9,500 and a necklace for 11,500, in my mind that was too much.
So when She was leaving the scene I got close and nicely asked if my 10 year old brother and I could get a picture with her (gladly my brother was at a distance watching his sisters folly???) and as I took up my phone to take the picture she shoved me slightly and said I shouldn’t do that.. ?? not her fault oh.. But now I got sad because my brother has to watch herself make that display and think it was the character of celebrities and has decided to write it as part of his holiday experience????.. So the story goes #nigeriancelebrities have thought me self respect is important oh.. Just act like they don’t exist when you see them.. I shared the unruly picture with my sad brother in the background with close friends, but I can’t put it up here.. Love y’all . This story is long sha??”d

Source: Fashionbuzztv

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