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Bisa Kdei breaks up with girlfriend; Find out why

Bisa Kdei breaks up with girlfriend; Find out why

Yvonne Williams

Top Ghanaian Highlife musician Bisa Kdei and his girlfriend have called it quits.

The star in a chat with Delay on an episode of the Delay Show, revealed the reason why he had to let his former love go.

According to Bisa, “I am single, I broke up with my girlfriend when I became famous. The truth is, it was not because she was not fit for my circle, I mean she was ok but we had to go our separate ways because of a lot of issues.

Being famous comes with its own issues. Like, if at first I used to sit in a bar with friends and drink, I cannot do that anymore because of my status. If I try, the next thing is that, I will be in the media, so to avoid that, I rather draw my friends into my new circle.”

Story Source: omgghana.com

Image Source: www.ghanaweb.com