Comedian Bill Cosby on State of the Union with Candy Crowley.
Comedian Bill Cosby on State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

Sexual Assault Scandal: ‘Secret Police File’ obtained against Bill Cosby

Yvonne Williams

Persecutors have a very strong case against comedy guru Bill Cosby, new reports claim.

New details have emerged from a new “secret police file”  obtained by containing the official statements of Bill Cosby and his victim, Andrea Constand.

Pennsylvania prosecutors could use that file to put the 78-year-old former comedy icon behind bars for at least 10 years after filing three felony charges of aggravated indecent assault against him on Dec. 30.

According to authorities, America’s once-quintessential TV dad assaulted Constand, a stunning 6-foot athlete, in 2004 while they were alone in his suburban Philadelphia mansion.

It was learnt that  hidden surveillance cameras are posted on the multimillion-dollar property — and the depraved attack may have been captured on videotape.

“Cosby made a point of telling her in advance that they would be alone and that she should wear comfortable clothes,” a law enforcement source told Radar. “He greeted her in a sweatsuit when she arrived just before 9 p.m.”

As they began talking, Constand recalled feeling “drained” and “emotionally occupied,” according to a confidential document in the police file.

She went to the bathroom, and said Cosby, then 67, produced three blue pills for her, telling her they were herbal medication — and “the blue things will take the edge off.”

Cosby later claimed he only gave Constand “1.5 pills, split into three halves,” said the source. “And he said the blue pills were actually Benadryl.”

Andrea said the star also gave her a drink, telling her: “Put them [the pills] in your mouth. Taste the wine. Just taste the wine.”

Some 20 to 30 minutes later, Constand said her vision blurred, she had difficulty speaking and her legs felt “rubbery.”

Cosby recalled a dramatically different version of events, insisting their conversation quickly turned to romance.

“We began to neck and we began to touch and we began to feel and kiss and kiss back,” he said, according to pages of the police file.

According to the document, he said: “I go inside her pants. She then took her hand and put it on top of my hand to push it in further.”
She lost consciousness and awoke around 4 a.m., “feeling raw in and around the vaginal area … her clothes and undergarments were in disarray,” according to the document.

According to a criminal complaint in the police file, “Through these admissions to Mrs. [Gianna] Constand, Cosby directly corroborated the victim’s report concerning these actions.”

Renowned legal expert and former Brooklyn, N.Y., prosecutor Javier Solano  concluded the case against Cosby is overwhelming.

“The bottom line is that prosecutors already have all the factual evidence they need. They have a very strong case,” he said.


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