(Photos) Transgender spends thousands of dollars to look more feminine

(Photos) Transgender spends thousands of dollars to look more feminine

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Fulvia Pellegrino, a 56 year old transgender woman from Italy, has had more than 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, two rounds of liposuction and four breast implants that has cost a whopping £52,000 and says she won’t stop until she has reached ‘perfection’.

She said: “I want to look like Allanah Starr, an American transgender porn star.

“Plastic surgery is not a drug but it’s something that people like me need.

“I am not happy with my ‘perfect’ body, because it is not perfect.

“Perfection is something else.”

Surprisingly she has the support of his wife, Marisa Altare, who stands by her husband despite the fact they now look more like sisters than a married couple.

Fulvia was just 15 when she first realised she was transgender but kept her feelings to herself as her father was in the clergy and she was fearful of her strict religious family.

She explained: “I was living with my family who were very narrow minded and very religious.

“I never manifested my will because it was impossible with my dad.

“He had three sons and he wanted three sons only.”

She even kept it hidden from Marisa, who she met 32 years ago, but continued to cross-dress in private and regularly visited gay clubs.

She admitted: “I was feeling trapped in my body.

“I hid in the garage and put make-up on dressed like a woman.

“I never showed that side of me because I was ashamed of it.”

Fulvia tried to hide her true personality by exaggerating her masculinity in public and made a habit of buying guns and expensive cars.

She explained: “It is difficult to grow up with a body which is not yours.

“You try to mask it in every way playing football, drinking beers, buying American 4x4s and go shooting to feel like a man.

“Instead you understand it is a mask and so you need to throw it away and become what you are.”

Sixteen years ago Fulvia finally broke and confessed to Marisa that she wanted to transition.

She said: “Obviously Marisa lost it for a moment, it is not something that is easy to accept.

“Today Marisa and I are nothing more than two sisters.

source: thesun.co.uk

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