World’s oldest man Yasutaro Koide dies at 112

World’s oldest man Yasutaro Koide dies at 112

Mfonobong Akpan

The world’s oldest man has died at the age of 112 at a hospital in central Japan, a local official has said.

Yasutaro Koide was officially crowned the oldest man on the planet by Guinness World Records in August 2015.

The super-centenarian died of heart failure and pneumonia, the official added, two months short of his 113rd birthday.

Mr Koide was born on March 13, 1903, the year that the Wright Brothers created the first ever successful plane and the year the debut Tour de France cycling race took place.

The world record holder claimed the secret to a long life was to avoid drinking and smoking, adding: “The best thing to do is avoid overwork and live with joy.”

Mr Koide worked as a tailor in Fukui prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, and moved to Nagoya when he was 107 to be closer to his daughter.

Life expectancy in Japan is among the highest in the world, with around a quarter of its population of 127 million aged 65 or older.


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