6 month old baby allowed to die in private hospital; corpse dumped near waste bin (photos)

6 month old baby allowed to die in private hospital; corpse dumped near waste bin (photos)

Yvonne Williams

A touching true life story about a six month old baby whose death could have been avoided following negligence in a popular private hospital and the cruel treatment the corpse of the child received when he eventually died, has gone viral.

The story as reportedly told by a family member:

This incident happened in a popular private hospital called Ayodele Hospital in Fagba off Iju Road.

The baby was brought to the hospital on Saturday February 6, 2016. Before taking the boy to the hospital, he was taken to Ifako Ijaiye General hospital on Wednesday February 3, 2016 for treatment as a result of teething fever. The boy was apparently running high fever as a result of teething problem. At the General hospital he was given injection to bring down the temperature and after all was discharged. He was okay by our understanding then.

On Saturday morning, the temperature started rising again. His wife took the baby back to the hospital and was told that there is no bed space. She was referred to Ayinke Hospital in Ikeja . Considering the distance and all the troubles so far, the father decided to take him to a big private hospital around. That was how the baby was taken to Ayodele in fagba.

At the private hospital he was admitted and they tried getting the vein in order to pass drip and to administer medication. They could not get the vein easily so they decided using the vein in the head. They started administering the drip . Not quite long, they told the parents that the baby is not breathing fine due to the catarrh he has and that they have to place him on oxygen.

The child while alive

After some hours, the light went off. They called the nurses to inform the gateman to put on the generator and for an hour the hospital did not respond accordingly. The baby gave up after gasping for breath. The parents watched their baby die for what could be avoided. The father was so traumatized that he was ready to pull down the hospital for such negligence and the placing of the baby at the waste bin as if it was a dog that died (see pictures attached).

The corpse of the child
The corpse near the waste bin

In the process policemen from Oko Oba were called in to arrest the father. Though he was released later. Despite all these negligence, the hospital is asking them to pay N38,000 before they can take the corpse for burial.

The parents are asking for justice. The death of their baby should not be swept under.

The hospital

Source: www.newseveryhour.com

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