Double Your Justice With Identical Twin Judges

Double Your Justice With Identical Twin Judges

Yemisi Oshodi

Two sisters have made history as the first set of twins to serve together as judges in Birmingham, Alabama.  Not only are their professional lives identical, their personal lives are as well. The sisters – Shanta Owens and Shera Grant (born four minutes apart) both have six-year-old daughters who are four months apart, and their three-years-old sons were born four months apart as well. Both ladies got married in 2003, and although their husbands aren’t twins, they’ve been best friends since childhood.

In 2008, sister Shanta Owens became a district court judge, where she will remain in the position until 2020. After serving for eight years she had the opportunity to swear in her “younger sister” Shera Grant in January, who is currently filling in the seat of a former judge.

This decision was approved by a governor who appointed Grant by way of hearing that Owens had a twin with the same qualifications. Amazing moment it was…


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