Busted!  Hermés Birkin confirmes Linda Ikeji’s Hermes Bag is “Fake”

Busted! Hermés Birkin confirmes Linda Ikeji’s Hermes Bag is “Fake”

Yemisi Oshodi

Famous blogger Linda Ikeji recently shared the happy news that she had purchased 2 Hermes Birkin bags with her followers via her Instagram page.

Some followers accused Linda of purchasing a fake bag and went further to notify the bag designer – Hermes via their social media page. Now, the French luxury label has allegedly confirmed the bags to be fake.

The inquiry was made by a ‘fake bag buster’ on Instagram, JFTarley, who contacted Hermés’ official Instagram handle with a photo of the bags, and posted a screenshot of the company’s alleged reply; “The so called Birkin bag on the picture is a counterfeit.

Linda decided to respond to the accusations with the following posts.
She highlighted that she purchased the bag during a recent trip to the UK.

“Don’t worry my darlings, I’ll take all these down later but let’s clarify this. So, I bought the bag for 14 thousand dollars on Sloan Street, UK. In Naira, that would be how much again? That would be about N4.8m. Damn, Linda! 😆”

Really?! Aunty Linda! Dollars on Sloan Street,U.K? Like really?… well maybe some shops in the U.K accept dollars.

Upset by this, Linda Ikeji posted a few more photos of the bags and told her followers to tag the manufacturer. “OK, let’s do this!” She began, “Let me leave my blogging and face this since Hermes has gotten involved! The other pic in my walk in closet was apparently a bad one..made the black bag look like grey..so I’m taking another on my bed. Can someone cc hermes with the new images?? These pple can’t come and disgrace me here lol”

See photos:

But then again lets take a second look at these bags……haba,they are not even the same bags. Take a look

Looking at the bags carefully,you should notice that the bags are different colours, (black and grey), i mean that is very obvious to the eyes. to top it all,there are glaring differences in these bags.

  1. The grey bag is a flip over opening while the black bag is a zip through opening. do you see that?
  2. The handle of the black bag is classier than the grey one which certifies the grey bag as a big time FAKE of the Black bag,which really looks more like it will be the original version, because right now i am thinking our dear Aunty Linda actually went over to her friend’s place to take a picture of the one looking more original,just to prove her innocence. eyah poor Linda.
  3. Again take a look at the bag charms ,the grey bag is a key while the black bag is a padlock.
  4. The leather quality of these bags are also different,the grey is a lesser quality
  5. But then again we can notice the background of the pictures are different,why is it only the black bag that has a dust bag and it papers and not the grey that she initially posted. why did she snap the black bag from a            bed…hmmm!
  6.  The edges of these bags are different too,the grey bag is a curvier than the black.

I hope you guys are seeing what I am seeing? It very obvious the bags are not the same….oh aunty lindodo,why you freaking lying?

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