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Nicki Minaj post heartfelt tribute to Big Ang

Nicki Minaj post heartfelt tribute to Big Ang

Yvonne Williams

Following the death of the VH1 star’s star Big Ang,  Nicki Minaj, took to social media to pay tribute.

Music star Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to post a simple yet touching message in her honor.

“Such a vibrant, loving, genuine spirit,” Nicki wrote alongside an angelic picture of the late celebrity.

Nicki Minaj post heartfelt tribute to Big Ang

The reality star tragically lost her rough battle with lung and brain cancer on Feb. 18, but was surrounded by her loving family members when she passed.

“She was so at peace with her death,” Ang’s sister, Janine Detoure, said in a statement. “She was OK with it. She said she didn’t want to live being on the medicine, doing all that. She didn’t want to do that. And she said, ‘If it’s my time, it’s my time. Just tell me. I want to spend my time with my grandchildren and my family.’ She wanted to be home and all that.’” As hard and painful as the last few final days were, we are glad to know that Ang found some form of peace.


Source: www.usmagazine.com