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See town where boys are groomed to become pimps!

See town where boys are groomed to become pimps!

Yvonne Williams

Sex trafficking in Tenancingo, a small small town at the dark heart of Mexico’s sex-slave trade bare some of the most heartbreaking and shocking cases ever heard, CNN reports.

Young vulnerable uneducated girls are lured into pretenticious romance then forced into prostitution in Tenancingo. Most wanted sex traffickers in the US are reportedly from the infamous town.

Tenancingo is a town with a foundation built on exploitation. Powerful networks of traffickers operate out of the region, where boys are groomed to become pimps from a young age. Women and girls are forced to sell sex on the streets, in residential brothels, online, and in cantinas across the United States and Mexico. They and their families are threatened through violence, deception, and intimidation. These women and girls are trapped in modern slavery, enslaved by criminal networks that have perfected human trafficking and exploitation into a sophisticated science over decades.

The International Labor Organization estimates that 4.5 million people are victims of sex trafficking around the world in an industry that generates tens of billions of dollars in criminal profits each year.

Story Source; edition.cnn.com

Image Source: www.teengazette.com