My wife’s parents disapproved our union – Kas Beat

My wife’s parents disapproved our union – Kas Beat

Yvonne Williams

Popular artiste  Kas Shobayo aka Kas Beats, is married to Tare, a lawyer and together they sat with the Punch where they talked about their love story, finances to temptations they face as a couple.

Excerpt from the interview: 

How and when did you meet your wife?

Kas: I met her in 2007, at The Headies Awards. She attended the event in company with her cousin, who was billed to perform at the event. Immediately I saw her, I knew that she would be my wife. I asked for her name, and as she was about to tell me, I interrupted her speech and said “Mrs.Kas.” She thought I was crazy but I was convinced that I had seen my wife.

When did you decide to marry her?

Kas: I wanted to marry her from the first day I met her, but we had our court wedding in 2009 and the traditional marriage held in January last year. We will have our white wedding soon.

What was the initial attraction?

Tare: He is my kind of man; I love his skin colour, he was free with me when we met and I loved that.

Kas: She was and still is the girl of my dreams because she has all the qualities I want in a woman.

Was there any opposition from family members before you got married?

Tare: At first, my parents did not accept him because they were not comfortable with the fact that I wanted to marry a musician. It wasn’t easy but we were able to convince them that we knew what we were doing. His family loves me and I am thankful for that.

How would you describe your marriage?

Tare: I won’t say it has been good all along but I thank God for where we are. We went through a lot and there was a time we parted ways, but at the end of it all we discovered that we still wanted to be with each other.

Kas: Our relationship was good up until her parents disapproved of our relationship. We went through a lot trying to make them accept me.Thankfully, they have accepted me and we are one big family.

Why do you think some celebrities are unfaithful to their spouses?

Tare: It takes the grace of God for a celebrity to remain faithful to his or her spouse. I see how most ladies throw themselves at celebrities in a reckless manner. Most men would get carried away by it, so it takes a very determined and God-fearing person to resist such enticement.

What advice do you have for celebrity spouses?

Tare: I would advise them to keep their personal lives private. They must not share all that happens between them with the whole world especially on social media. I would also advise them to involve God in their marriage, because He is the only one that can make things work.

Kas: They must not wash their dirty linen in public; they should solve their problems without attracting attention to themselves and keep it away from the social media. Patience and understanding are some of the key ingredients of a successful union.

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