Ashanti celebrates conviction of stalker who troubled her for 13 Years

Ashanti celebrates conviction of stalker who troubled her for 13 Years

Yvonne Williams

Halleluyah! Ashanti can walk the streets in peace. Devar Hurd, the man identified as the man who had been stalking the singer for 13 years, was finally found guilty of felony 2nd degree stalking and sending her haunting and lewd tweets and text messages. TMZ reports that Hurd faces up to 4 years in prison.

According to Daily Mail, 37-year-old Hurd representing himself in court, defended his tweets.

“Sending sexually explicit stuff was not a crime,” Hurd said in court, adding that “excessive tweeting was not stalking“, plus the singer could have simply blocked him.

Hurd had cross-examined the singer and confronted her over the said lewd texts and tweets. When he asked Ashanti why he was facing felony charges, she reportedly said,

“You continuously tweeted over and over again disgusting, derogatory, disrespectful things to me after you had already gone to jail for doing the same thing. I wish you to stop. I just wish you to stop.”

Some of the tweets he sent to her included,

“eating p**sy from the back tastes better from a flight to Russia“, and then he told her, “I know how you are when it comes to our sex life … us f****** is very emotional on both ends. You do lap dances for your performances, correct? I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just saying…”

But the ordeal is finally over as Hurd has been convicted.

Moments after the verdict was read, Ashanti took to Twitter to celebrate:

Source: Billboard

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