Lady Exposes Boyfriend for Infecting Her With HIV

Lady Exposes Boyfriend for Infecting Her With HIV

Yemisi Oshodi

An angry woman has taken to Facebook to expose her boyfriend after accusing him of cheating and infecting her with HIV.

This is the message the lady wrote
A Kenyan woman has shared her frustration on Facebook after she discovered that the boyfriend had infected her with HIV. The lady with the facebook name “Mamake Mamake” shared the distressing news on a group chat that her boyfriend.
She alleged that the boyfriend has been cheating on her since they started the relationship some two years ago and doesn’t know what to do now she has found herself in the dilemma.
She also posted the guys name. But, some have said the lady might be a scorned lover trying to spread false rumours about the man after he jilted her.
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