Tired of people talking to me like I’m regular: The Life of Pablo’ streamed 250 million times in first 10 days!” – Kanye West

Yvonne Williams

Kanye West has taken to Twitter to boast once again and this time it’s all thanks to his last album -‘The Life of Pablo,’

“Pablo did 250 Million,” the rap guru tweeted hours ago, adding, “I’m tired of people old talking to me like I’m regular!”

Recall that Wendy Williams mocked him on her show, saying that he is broke and his album The Life of Pablo didn’t do well, hence why the result was yet to be called in.

Well according to CNN  the album streaming is remarkable, especially because it was exclusive to only Tidal. Justin Bieber’s Purpose did 100 million in the first week, but it was not exclusive to one streaming company. Also, what heavily helped in making Kanye’s album a success was the series of feuds and controversies it garnered; from Wiz Khalifa to Amber Rose to Taylor Swift – they all paid off.

Speaking with CNN, David Bakula, the senior vice president of Nielsen Music said this of Kanye West’s album report: “It’s a really good number, and it’s even more impressive that it’s only in one place. There’s a lot of services that can stream audio, but there’s only one place where you get this album and that’s Tidal. That’s how it differentiates itself.”

And in calculating how much this translates to physical album sales, Bakula said it equals about 166,000 albums, in just ten days.

However, Ye suffered a heavy blow when reports confirmed that his album was also illegally downloaded over 500, 000 times by hackers.

But Ye is winning, and he is letting the world know it.

Source: Twitter/Kanye West, CNN

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