Whoopi Goldberg launches Marijuana line to ease menstrual cramps

Whoopi Goldberg launches Marijuana line to ease menstrual cramps

Yvonne Williams

Joining in on the likes of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Hollywood actress, Whoopi Goldberg has launched her own line of cannabis products. The comedian announced yesterday that she will be starting her own line of marijuana products specifically focused on helping with painful menstrual cramps.

The 60-year-old Sister Act star in partnership with cannabis entrepreneur Maya Elisabeth produced the cannabis product – Whoopi & Maya. According to the star, the products aim to help women get through hard times of the month. The products range from a medical cannabis Bath Soak, which comes in three different fragrances to a superfood-style jar of cacao mixed with cannabis which promises to help women deal with inflammation, irritability, and joint and uterine pain. There is also a cannabis skin cream called Rub and a tincture line called Relax.

The Whoopi & Maya cannabis products will be available only in California to people with their medical marijuana cards when they go on sale next month and they’ll be on shelves in the next several weeks in at least five marijuana dispensaries around the state. The product is unavailable elsewhere because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.

According to Goldberg, smoking weed or drinking marijuana-infused tea has helped control her own cramps and pain, she also stated that she currently uses a “vape” pen filled with marijuana oil to combat glaucoma headaches. She also stated that she is willing to take the risk of violating federal law because she believes so strongly in the company’s mission.

Source: USA today

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