Ashanti’s stalker sentenced to 1-4 years

Ashanti’s stalker sentenced to 1-4 years

Mfonobong Akpan

Finally, Ashanti’s longtime stalker was sentenced to the maximum of one to four years in prison on Thursday.

Devar Hurd, 36, who represented himself at trial, railed against what he claimed was “prosecutorial misconduct” that led to his conviction and referenced Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson’s non-jail sentencing recommendation for Liang after his manslaughter conviction, reports the New York Daily News.

“A man’s life was taken during the course of that situation and the head DA recommended no jail time but yet here it is I’m in Manhattan Supreme Court and I’m getting none of that!” Hurd said.

He argued that he was never offered a plea deal for less than the maximum sentence and that he should be cut a break at sentencing.

“Just simply sending a sexually explicit tweet, ‘sexting’ as it’s called, is not a crime itself,” he said.
But Assistant District Attorney Carolina Holderness described Hurd as a relentless menace who could not follow repeated court orders to refrain from harassing the R&B singer and her family.

“He has been told repeatedly by courts to leave these people alone,” Holderness said. “Even today in speaking to you … he minimizes this conduct after having heard in court the effect that it had on his victims.

“He refuses to accept responsibility for this.”

Holderness said that at trial Hurd “got what he wanted,” which was the chance to make the Long Island family relive their horror once again.

Ashanti, her mother Tina Douglas and her younger sister Kenashia Douglas had to testify at three trials in this case against Hurd. Ashanti in an IG post expressed her joy at the outcome.

“Thank you God for the blessing of this finally being over. & Thank you guys so much for all your prayers!!! You never know what someone else is going through. I didn’t do a lot of talking about this… Just a lot of Praying. For any other women dealing with anything like this remember to be strong & brave! @liltuneshi @theoriginalmomanger it’s over. #GodIsGreat❤️🙏”

Now, hopefully, they can breath…

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