Ugandan professor strips to protest being locked outside her office

Ugandan professor strips to protest being locked outside her office

Yvonne Williams

A Ugandan professor, Dr. Stella Nyanzi, has created an uproar after she decided to strip naked in protest of her boss locking her out of her office, Tuko reports.

She claimed she was being oppressed by the University director at Makerere in Uganda. She claimed her boss was forcing her to teach his PhD classes which said was not in her contract. She was only contracted to do research work and not teaching.

Nyanzi also accused her boss Mamhood Mamdani of giving his wife three offices spaces at the university including a toilet while locking her out. She also chained herself at the University in protest before the university gave in her demands and let her back to the office.

Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) director Mamhood Mamdani in a statement said,

“In her application for the post of Research Fellow at MISR, she assured senior staff that she intended to teach in the PhD programme in line with resolutions passed by the University Senate in November 2011 and accredited by the National Council for Higher Education in July 2012.”

Below are tweets from her official handle:

Nyanzi’s stripping outside the office of Mamdani and her posting the video online, brought her into trouble with the government as now she could be charged for indecency and pornography.

Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity State Minister Simon Lokodo has ordered police to arrest the Makerere University professor.

“Even if she was offended by anybody, she behaved indecently. I condemn it in the strongest words possible and I have directed police to arrest her. She must be brought to book,” the minister told New Vision on Monday, April 18.

According to Lokodo, Nyanzi will now be charged under the Anti-Pornography Act, if she is found guilty under Clause 3 of the Act, she will get a two-year jail sentence or a fine of 500 currency points or both.

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