‘You May Think I Have it all’ – Naomi Campbell reveals mental struggle

‘You May Think I Have it all’ – Naomi Campbell reveals mental struggle

Yvonne Williams

Naomi Campbell for the first time in 30 years is opening up on her struggle in the fashion business.

The supermodel who is currently on tour promoting her new £2,500 book, is suffering a mental breakdown due to stress.

“I was 30 years in the business last week. When you are on the road travelling and are on the road all the time it is tiring. I lost it on Sunday. I was just exhausted,” the 46-year-old supermodel said in a new interview.

“I was working in Brazil for one whole week non-stop and I got on a plane and came (to London) and started working again,” she said, explaining that it is a struggle ‘masking some emotional pain.’

“You may think I have it all. I was stressed on Sunday and when I get stressed I internalise everything and I think I can cope with it all. I was just exhausted and it all came to a head.”

Recall that in February, Idris Elba ended his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Naiyana Garth, and this happened a day after Elba was spotted on a night out with Naomi. Since then, rumours have been swirling on social media that they had an affair which ruined the actor’s relationship with the mother of his child.

Though Naomi denied this claim vehemently, she has yet to reveal the ’emotional pain’ she is going through, instead she tries to stay healthy, plus, she believes that with her strong faith, she will get through the tough times. “I do believe in a higher power,” she said, adding, “I am in recovery and by the grace of God I am clean and sober today.”

Source: Daily Mail, Mirror Uk

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