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The things women stupidly do in the name of love

The things women stupidly do in the name of love

Mfonobong Akpan

Police in Lagos have arrested a 36-year-old Mr. Kennedy Michael, who allegedly defiled and impregnated his 13-year-old daughter, Maria. According to reports by New Telegraph,

1. The suspect resides at No. 5 Kode Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos.

2. He started sleeping with her when she was 10 years old.

3. The suspect was arrested after a neighbour identified as Uche, whose 18-month-old baby girl was reportedly violated by Micheal, reported the matter on discovering that Ijeoma Ndukwe, Michael’s lover, assisted in procuring abortion for his teenage daughter, Maria.

4. PPRO Dolapo Badmos said: “All the accomplices, including the nurse and the stepmother, are undergoing interrogation while the victim, Maria, is under protective custody in a shelter. “At the conclusion of investigation, the suspects will be charged to court.”

The things women stupidly do in the name of love
The suspect

It’s sad because the woman who is expected to stand with and protect young children and women alike from pedophiles and rapist, end up accomplices to them.

There is indeed something mentally wrong with any woman who chooses to keep a husband, boyfriend or lover from facing the law and getting due punishment for committing such  hideous crimes against children.

There is something wrong with a woman who thinks her child or any child  is to blame for being assaulted/raped.

Such women should not only be mentally examined, but also face the same punishment as the offender because they have equally raped that child.