#NoChill: Toyin Aimakhu gets dragged for having natural boobs

#NoChill: Toyin Aimakhu gets dragged for having natural boobs

Mfonobong Akpan

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu posted a picture on her Instagram page tagging it “Getting glammed” and then this happened…

So some people thought she looked great…

 ogoouchendu: Looking beautiful my diva

sadiqafriqBeauty lives in you..@aimakhuolutoyin

iamadunnifrancescaSo fresh love you more @aimakhuolutoyin

tolanyariyikeLooking la hot😍😍la beautiful ma’am 😗😗😗me heart u long time ago @aimakhuolutoyin

One couldn’t get the spelling of a word right…

yekeenidowugbolahan – Baby you so ‘fantasy’

One thought that was her best face beat ever…

phemyni: This is my favorite makeup on you so far! 😍😍 thumbs up

And then there were those who came for the actress’ boobs…

yemiakanbi: London bridge has fallen……..

teddyicon: Loooooooooooool fallen hero’s 😂😂😂

xclusive_flow: Aunty just pump d shit like nickk’s own no mind dem

But they got it good from the @aimakhuolutoyin soldiers who spared no verbal weapons…

pholahsh: All monitoring spirit on IG, checking and comment nonsense on ppl’s page, elo wa ise se, toyin is doing her tin, most you comment on her wall? Mtewww!!! Sag, london bridge, olympos has fallen, aye yin ta pa! So your GF or wife’s breast still stand not saging? Ori yin ti fo danu, better look for a way which your life go better dan her.

hollyabe10: Nice one Ladies😍😍😍😍 I appreciate for sending it back to Those foolish men who don’t know how to treat women. Give them back and they would run away.

kennymoon2002: @yemiakanbi @teddyicon I can seriously tell who you are and what you’re made of with that your uncultured comments. Appreciate beauty, stop wallowing in doom of minds. Think outside the box how you can be greater than @aimakhuolutoyin don’t be to shabby in your thinking.

omobaadeyeye19: Ask dem if der gfs or wives boobs are still standing..muchewww

oludola_dolls: Smh….some people and what they say..have u ever seen a breast created by God that looks firm for life…They prefer silicon pumped stuffs,they hate realness…Asif their own body is better off…Fallen brains oshi..im arahiaa

2hype_kingin: Yes she’s not the first one with a sagged breast @queen_minic but i bet you are the only one with no life…go get a life bitch

2hype_kingin: @mimiubini just like your moms boobs too, you bitches need to get a life hunn

wunmian: Who expects her boobs to stand at her age? Some pple re just so foolish… Check out their girlfriends or wives, u would see slippers

busola__: Sometimes it’s confusing! Is it pure hate? Bullying? Envy? Ignorance? Or just stupidity? How can it be expected that a busty lady of her age, with REAL breasts be standing? Smh

Okay, I’m gonna stop here. Phew! Haters hope you got the message… The way peeps be sliding into peoples posts to leave terrible comments…..

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