Let’s bring you up to speed…Kaffy checks Davido and he doesn’t have a clue why

Mfonobong Akpan

Popular Nigerian Dancer, Kaffy in the early hours Wednesday called out Davido in a fiery Instagram video, accusing him of treating dancers poorly and cancelling performances last minute. She wrote…

It’s alright if artiste don’t need us . We are artistes ourselves . It is very disrespectful for you to look down at and trample on people who in one way or the other contribute to where u are today. Dance is our widows mite to a lot of your careers . All u need to do is respect us.
Even other people under you suffer ur arrogance from stylist to band men.
This message is for those of you that disrespectfully disregard us dancers especially.
@davidoofficial if u don’t want dancers express it way before U agree to allow them dance than when u about to climb the stage u decide u don’t need us again.or tell dancers not to come near u while u perform .wtf.
It’s not ur fault we have learnt our lesson and we thank arrogant artiste like u as this will not continue for long.
Nowadays artiste take a piss. People pay a lot of money to see u come out and give a good show it requires more than u jumping all over the place with no content . Even some artiste in other countries who perform alone still plan their craft. They practice they rehearse the Are never tired of doing better than their last. But here most don’t care only few like @peterpsquare and @rudeboypsquare @2niteflavour @tiwasavage @efya_nokturnal @iamseyishay @dareydarey even @jidenna a one man performer plans his craft for his fans. (This is to mention a few out of the few)

to those who still respect our craft.”

Davido did not send dancers off the stage…

Dance Na The Main Thing lead choreographer, Micheal Igbelabo, in an interview with commenting on Kaffy’s Instagram outburst said… ” I really understand and appreciate Kaffy stading up for dancers but this 3 Thrones show, she was not around or involved, the only way she came in is through Tiwa Savage, she’s been her official choreographer for a long time. But for Davido and Phyno’s set, DNMT were the official dancers and no one was sent off stage”

Here’s the video of Davido on stage with DNMT dancers posted on their IG page with the caption…

“DANCING like JACKSON cos DANCE NA THE MAIN THING at the 3THRONES CONCERT with THE RICH KING OBO himself @davidoofficial …#ABOUTLASTNIGHT @sbuchi47 @omikel @vicojay_general @jaykefuture @osbornman01@adetsright”

He continued…

“All Davido said during rehearsals was he won’t want the dancers to do all the songs because he’ll want to do some songs alone, but the organisers insisted and he was cool with it. We did all the songs together and no one complained or shouted backstage and that was why I even posted the video on Instagram the next day. Davido may have offended Kaffy before that day I wouldn’t know, but am sure of this particular one and of course my dancers know I’ll always fight for them no matter what if he did send them off stage I’ll be the one calling him out.”

That’s not how she rolls…

Kaffy after a couple of hours apologised for her outburst and use of profanity in the video recording. Below is what she wrote on her Instagram handle…

“I want to start by apologizing profusely for my profanity. It’s not how I roll .i am one person who promote discipline and respect among dancers towards their clients and one another.
However this isssue is REAL. We MATTER and deserve respect as we have become part of the building block of the entertainment world.

“We communicate with our bodies what words and sound can’t express. We paint a picture that defies laws of nature ND produce masterpieces beyond mere imaginations.
It requires a lot of brain power to begin to be a dancer not to talk of the ability to command muscles people can’t imagine using and that is still underrating the Power of the Art of Dance.
From youth empowerment to mind empowerment it is the least looked into form of psychological, physical and spiritual reformation.

“And I can categorically tell u alot of lives have been changed for the better because we danced.
So WE MATTER. beyond the dance floor we matter against all odds of societal definition of success we matter,thrive and we rule.

“So it is time we take control and have a voice. Create structure that will protect us from further disrespect and I will do all in my power to continue to protect dancers.I know great minds out there in our world that will rise up too. It’s been years and I have been quiet for too long.
And this is not just in Africa it’s everywhere.

“Davido was just the last didn’t start with him but we can put a stop.
Thank you to all who support this fight. God bless #Dancers #Dancetrepenuers #Danceteachers #Dancelovers #Dancemoms #Dancedads

You deserve whatever Davido does to you!

In an interesting turn of events, a dancer Michael Omani, totally disagrees with Kaffy. In a video recording showing other dancers at the background, he said Kaffy is equally guilty of the same crime she accuses Davido of. He says in the video…

“You travel around the world calling yourself queen of dance in Nigeria. A queen takes care of her followers, you don’t take care of us and you are putting us into your beef”.

Watch the video below:

Davido responds…

Davido finally responded to Kaffy’s Instagram video in an interview with Planet Radio TV. He said he was “shocked” and if he sees her he will say “hi, hello, what’s up” and add, “I hope there’s no problem?”.

Of course social media peeps have also taken sides on the issue, while some feel Kaffy was right to voice her concerns, others object to her method. Let’s see how this turns out…

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