This US Based DJ Says Nigerians “Can’t even speak English!”

This US Based DJ Says Nigerians “Can’t even speak English!”

Yvonne Williams

Are you kidding me? So a certain American radio personality who goes by the name J Nicks aka Stuey Rock has earned the wrath of Nigerians, perhaps rightly so, following his degrading portrayal of Nigerians. According to him we can’t even speak English!

The US personality made this comment  during an interview with Hip Hop group Migos on his show – The Durtty Boyz”, aired by Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9. Implying that Nigeria was not worthy of being visited, he asked why the American Hip hop group decided to go ”all the way to Nigeria” to put their home city on the map. adding ”where they can’t even speak English” and ”don’t even know what’s the A [Atlanta]”. This he said before asking them of their experience in the country. He later admitted he hasn’t ever visited Nigeria, but would “love to.”

Trust Nigerians, they came for him big time and when he couldn’t stand the heat, he grudgingly apologized on his Instagram page, stating that he made  ”ignorant” comments adding that he never meant to be disrespectful…he was even with a “Nigerian brother” right now… (then the studio guest a – “Nigerian brother” with an intonation seemingly “imitating”  Nigerian intonation chips into the conversation, pretending not to be able to pronounce “English”), of course Stuey Rock was quick to comment on that – “see! “see!” (which could be well interpreted to mean – I told you so)

Watch videos below;

Follow up video;

Seems like Nigerians weren’t impressed with that apology, so in another follow up post, the DJ wrote;

“I do understand that I have offend Nigerian people but I also stated I made a mistake and apologized.. I am truly sorry people do make mistakes and it takes a man to admit he’s fault and apologize @abdulq_kozeem thank you”

For someone who says Nigerians can’t speak English, that should be offended – not offend…

Not to sound like a stubborn granny who just doesn’t want to let sleeping dogs lie, piece of advice Stuey Rock, don’t brag about what you don’t know – ignorance is simply no excuse!  Get down from your almighty throne, get your homework done next time and quit being so judgmental!

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