Happenings Exclusive: The suspicious death of Shola Gaska in Poland

Happenings Exclusive: The suspicious death of Shola Gaska in Poland


Her husband, Jakub Kuba Gaska, called his wife’s sister on December 28 to announce the sudden death of Shola (known as Sholly).

Sudden death? How? Sholly was hale and well and happy when she spoke with her sister on Christmas day. Pray tell, what could have happened in three days?

A lot can happen in just 3 days, yes, but the family suspect foul play.

Shola Gaska (nee Adefolalu) is a vivacious woman. She has been married to her Polish husband for six years and has lived away from Nigeria ever since.

Shola went to Poland for studies. She is experienced in photography and video production. She teaches English and is very artistic.

Her friends and family describe her as a “woman comfortable in her skin”.

When her husband called to inform her family of her death, the normal reaction was shock. They had questions that met a wall. The husband wasn’t helpful with solving this mystery which only he could. On December 30, Shola’s husband Jakub announced that she would be cremated. There were pleas from her family. They wanted to see her one last time; and they wanted an autopsy. After much appeal, Jakub sent a picture of her forehead and her chin.


On January 2, Shola was cremated. No autopsy was carried out. When her family received a document written in Polish, it was later discovered to be a death notification and not an autopsy after an interpreter was sought.

Petitions are being written to the various authorities to look into the matter. The family seeks justice for Shola.

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