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Kemi Olunloyo shades Ogbonna Kanu over his receeding hairline

Kemi Olunloyo shades Ogbonna Kanu over his receeding hairline

Yvonne Williams

So basically everyone had something to say about Laura Ikeji’s hand being photoshopped and appearing rather thin when compared to the rest of her body in a viral court wedding picture featuring herself and her love Ogbonna Kanu and now, weighing in on the matter and offering “advice” to the groom, Kemi Olunloyo, journalist and daughter of  former governor of Oyo State, Victor Omololu Olunloyo has taken to her Instagram page.

Stylist and younger sister of popular blogger Linda Ikeji got married at the Ikoyi Registry yesterday January 19th to her man, Ogbonna Kanu,

Her post below;

Kemi Olunloyo shades Ogbonna Kanu over his receeding hairline

#HNNLove Congrats to #LauraIkeji on getting married. However many ppl have asked me to critique this picture as a #socialcritic. The photo is retouched. That is not her hand. Too bony, people say she’s hiding a baby bump. Registry marriages usually mean you are either pregnant or poor. For Laura Ikeji and a brother of a footballer? What happened to your double wedding shit in #Nigeria? Traditional and white. So what if she’s preggo? Bout time one of those gals gave their mom a grandchild. One thing very wrong in this picture is the Ogbonna Kanu dude’s hair. Its disgusting. He has a receding hairline those braids are pulling back and moving steadily. He will have that #rihanna forehead full blown soon coupled with being bald. His braiding person should be shot at the firing squad. He looks messy! Total rating for the loud money hungry Ikeji girls, Linda could have gifted her a more decent wedding dress . For crying out loud, Laura calls herself #FashionBlogger of 2016… in what country??? #hnnstyle
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