Brazilian mum brutally murders son after she found out he’s gay

Brazilian mum brutally murders son after she found out he’s gay

Yvonne Williams

The brutal murder of 17 year old Itaberli Lozano might be described as one of the most chilling murder cases in recent times.

Driven by maddening anger, a Brazilian woman, Tatiana Lozano Pereira, 32, organised thugs to kill her own son, however she would later take matters into her own hands when the case proved rather difficult for the group.

The murderer actually admitted to stabbing 17 year old Itaberli Lozano in Cravinhos, Sao Paulo to death, during questioning to the police.

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Reports say Tatiana and her son became estranged immediately she learned he was gay, this was what led to her hiring thugs to carry out the deadly plan. On the day of the murder, she let the thugs into her home and hid them with the instructions that they should attack her son when he entered the home.

Upon his return, Itaberli was reportedly ambushed by the woman and the thugs she hired who found it hard to kill him so Tatiana allegedly went into the kitchen, brought out a knife and stabbed her son to death, according to Helton Tosti Renz, the police officer in charge of the investigation.

Tatiana and her husband, Alex Pereira, the victim’s stepfather, then took her son’s body to an abandoned area and burned it.

This is just tragic!

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