Man sets ex wife on fire for dumping him (Photo)

Man sets ex wife on fire for dumping him (Photo)

Yvonne Williams

“Hell has no fury like…”, Those words hold true for Rungruedee Sithibut, 43 whose life was almost brutally taken by her once one true love.

A jealous husband decided to employ the harshest way possible to vent his anger at his ex wife as he allegedly emptied a bottle of lighter fluid all over her and set fire to her leaving her with horrific – 30% burns all over her body.

The incident happened in Thepkrasattri, in Thaland District, Phuket Province, Thailand, yesterday. According to the Police, the woman was brutally beaten by her 50-year-old ex Somkuan Jongsuk before the arson attack.

Officers said the 43-year-old victim is still in nearby Thalang Hospital where doctors continue to work on her battered and burned body following the attack at a nursery school where she works as a cleaner.

The majority of the burns are on her left arm, left shoulder and down her back.

Narrating how the incident happened, Captain Kraisorn Boonprasop of Thalang Police said:

“Mr Somkuan came to Thepkrasattri Municipality Kindergarten to meet with Ms Rungruedee at about noon.

“Ms Rungruedee was working when Mr Somkuan turned up on a motorbike. He shouted for her before he went inside the building. He poured fuel on her from a glass bottle and lit her on fire.

“Ms Rungruedee ran into the teachers’ room and doused herself with water from the bathroom, but Mr Somkuan followed her.

“There were five teachers inside the room, but they were too frightened of Mr Somkuan to restrain him. “Instead, they called the police and after Mr Somkuan left they helped Ms Rungruedee.

“Luckily all children already had gone home at that time.”

Police added there was a history of domestic abuse between the pair and have been called out to them before – but this was the worst attack.

It is believed the ex-husband regularly keeps tabs on his ex-wife and cannot stand the fact they split up, regularly working himself up in a rage believing her to be with other men.

“They have had serious arguments before, and some of those arguments have even ended up at the police station,” Capt Kraisorn Boonprasop added: “Her ex-husband is still jealous even though they broke up a year ago, but she still helps him from time to time.

“Not long ago Somkuan was arrested for physical abuse while being drunk, and she bailed him out.

“Police are now tracking down Somkuan to face legal action.

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