Leaving your hubby because he cheats makes you the most foolish person alive; Give condoms instead – Actress Seyi Hunter

Leaving your hubby because he cheats makes you the most foolish person alive; Give condoms instead – Actress Seyi Hunter

Yvonne Williams

Nollywood actress Seyi Hunter, is weighing in on the rate at which celebrity marriages are crashing and she’s got a lot to say.

Advising her colleagues to quickly let go of their partners if not willing to work things out so they can be free, and single ladies can make a move on them. She also advised ladies to stick to their man regardless of even if their man cheats ( as men are polygamous by nature and “can’t keep eating one meal”).

In a chat with Vanguardngr, she condemned the manner in which female entertainers take a walk out of their marriages instead of coming to terms with its realities. According to her, there are lots of single ladies ready to jump at Ubi and Churchill immediately they decide to put an end to their crisis-rocked union.

She said: “It isn’t right for any lady to walk out of her marriage for any reason, except domestic violence is involved. I am not talking about occasional slaps here and there. If he beats you like he’ll beat a thief, my dear sister you need to run for your life because he might kill you one day or disfigure you.

But if you leave because of cheating, then you’re the most foolish person alive and you’re not going by the Holy Bible. The Bible says man shall not live by bread alone. You don’t expect him to eat Egusi soup the rest of his life; he has to eat Afang, Ogbono, etc, once in a while.

Let’s not forget men are polygamous in nature, it’s been there right from the days of Abraham and it cannot be changed. The way entertainers are ending their marriage is alarming. If these ladies left their marriages because of their partners’, it means this generation is worse than I thought, because we’ve lost it.

No patience, understanding or endurance to allow the man test the waters once in a while. I hope they settle their issues, but if they won’t, let them hurry with the divorce, so that single girls can make their moves on these guys.

Before the women eat me raw, women are not allowed to cheat. The men are to love us, care for us, support us in everything and provide for us, while we do all these and more for them.
Every smart woman will provide her man with condoms and lubrication and pray that the Holy Spirit guides them to use it on their side chicks, so they don’t bring infection home to us.”

Oh wow…so men should be permitted and encouraged to cheat as long as they “take care and love us”, while women should go down on their knees praying for men to remember to use the condoms??”. Let’s not even go into the “occasional slaps here and there” bit! Well here’s reality – domestic violence doesn’t just happen! Hmm…things we read.

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