“Door of Hope” Baby Bin created for mothers with unwanted newborns

Yvonne Williams

The Berea Baptist Church in Johannesburg is saving hundreds of lives and preventing desperate mothers from resorting to drastic measures to get rid of their newborns.

Parents who are unable or unwilling to care for their newborn babies can easily drop them anonymously at the Berea Baptist Church’s “Door of Hope” so they can receive care.

A cradle is provided where the children will be picked up and cared for by staff at the orphanage. At the arrival of a new baby left in the basket, staff at the centre are alerted by alarm.

The centre claims more than 1,500 newborns have been saved since the scheme was started in 1999.

When it was installed in 1999, up to 50 babies were being dumped on the streets and left to die by their parents every month.

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