Police arrest Somali man for posing as a bridesmaid

Police arrest Somali man for posing as a bridesmaid


By Mojola Aturamu

Wonders will never cease.

A shocking story just emanated from Somalia as a man has been arrested for disguising to be a bridesmaid at a traditional marriage ceremony.

The man arrested is identified as Abdirahmand, the same name as the Groom’s. The man lived with them for three weeks still posing as a woman before he was exposed by his mother. According to the Somali culture, the maid of honor not only assists the bride during the wedding but also helps in setting up her new house.

According to the groom known as Abdirahman Ismail while narrating this unusual occurrence to Somali Cable, said he never knew the bridesmaid was indeed a woman as he had worn makeup looking like a woman.

”A woman claiming to be his mother came to our house and asked if we have seen her son named Abdirahman. I told her we have never seen her son and the only person living with us was a girl named Asma. That’s when the woman told me that Asma is actually her son, Abdirahman”, the groom said.

The incident was reported to the police after the groom found out the bridesmaid was indeed a man, and this has led to the arrest of the bride and fake bridesmaid. The groom is said to be planning to divorce the wife after the embarrassment she caused him.

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