Check out Ruggedman’s dapper looks for new photoshoot

Check out Ruggedman’s dapper looks for new photoshoot


By Mojola Aturamu

Popular Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman decided to try on something different in newly released official photos.

The rapper who revealed he hasn’t rocked a 3-piece suit in 20 years now tried it out for a new photoshoot and your guess is as good as mine – he looked fabulous!

A few of the pictures will be used for the artwork of the rapper’s official 2017 single, dropping soon,which features Falz The Bad Guy and Small Doctor.

OUCH’s style academy, Yomi Casual and 710 vision were the stylists who gave Ruggedman a perfect makeover.

OUCH’s style academy styled  Ruggedman in a three piece suite from their wedding collection and the rapper rocks it like nobody’s business.

Yomi Casual took care of Ruggedman’s look in a black and white long shirt and  710 Vision stylist focused on the hip hop looks, with clothes from Ruggedman’s Twentieth September Wears collection.

See Ruggedman rock the XXX t-shirt which comes in black and white and hot Legends t-shirt with over 350 faces of Nigerian celebrities on it.

Ruggedman launched himself into the music industry in 1999, eventually becoming the one of the most featured rappers in Nigeria. We can’t wait to hear his new music.

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