Terry tha Rapman disses Ikechukwu in new song over ‘woman matter’

Terry tha Rapman disses Ikechukwu in new song over ‘woman matter’


By Mojola Aturamu 

It is obvious we clearly have not heard the last of the beef between Nigerian rapper, Ikechukwu Onanaku, aka Killz, and his colleague, Terry Tha Rapman.

Terry who is featured on Upcoming rapper, Payper’s new song ‘Look What You Did To Him’, in the last verse takes a swipe at Ikechukwu, ‘A little henny in the system, my nigga turn loose talk, facts only, we no send all that loose talk, girl leave you for another man, whose fault, go hard or go home, true talk’.

Listen to the song here

Let’s take your minds back to how it all started…

The ruffle between both started in January 2017 when Ikechukwu in an interview on ‘Loose Talk Podcast’ said Terry was instrumental in the breakup between he and his ex-fiancé, Sarah Ofili and alleged he had an affair with her. He also revealed on the podcast why he isn’t friends with Terry the Rapman.

Terry had attacked Ikechukwu earlier with a couple of social media posts and obviously now in this new song. It’s barely two months now and it seems the heat is still on.

Let us not forget that Ikechwuku proposed to Sarah at Regent Square in London on Saturday, October 22, 2011 (her birthday) but a year later, the couple called off their engagement over rumoured allegations of infidelity on the part of both lovers.

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