Outrage as Brazilian goalkeeper who allegedly killed lover; fed her body to dogs is released; lands new deal

Outrage as Brazilian goalkeeper who allegedly killed lover; fed her body to dogs is released; lands new deal

Yvonne Williams

Brazilians have expressed outrage after one of the country’s high-profile goalkeepers landed a new deal upon leaving prison after barely serving a fraction of his sentence following his alleged murder of his girlfriend.

Bruno Fernandes de Souza, 32 is said to have tortured and murdered his girlfriend, and also ordered that her body be fed to his rottweilers.

The goalkeeper was released from prison in February having served only seven years of his 22 year sentence.

Earlier in May 2009 the footballer although married met Brazilian model Eliza Samudio, 25 at one of the sex parties he and other footballers frequently attended and the duo began a romantic affair which led to her being pregnant. He insisted she have an abortion, but she refused, and in February 2010 gave birth to a baby boy – Bruninho.

Things soon turned sad and Fernandes regardless of the provided DNA evidence that Bruninho provided didn’t give a hoot, forcing Samudio to take him to court for child support, she also filed against him for child abuse.

In June she was lured, with her son, into a car with the promise that Fernandes was going to give her a house, instead was driven to Fernandes’s apartment, where she was tied to a chair and tortured for six days, in front of her son.

It is alleged that Fernandes’s wife, another lover, a cousin and a former police officer, Marcos Santos all took turns to beat her while he simply watched the “barbaric tortures” on the victim, playing music to drown out her screams before strangling her with a tie in front of her son.

Her body was then chopped up and fed to the dogs, with the bones buried in concrete.

Police took Fernandes in for questioning, and he told them Samudio had left the country. During investigations shocking evidence was unveiled; Bloodstains, sandals and sunglasses were found in his car – yet he still protested his innocence.

Fernandes’s teenage cousin eventually confessed, but Fernandes continued to deny involvement. In 2013, he admitted that she was dead but claimed he had not made the order to kill her but had “accepted” it and knew she had been killed for a fee of £8,000.

The judge said Fernandes had “meticulously calculated” the execution, and it emerged he had tried to kill himself twice while awaiting trial.

The gang members were sentenced to between five and 22 years, while Fernandes was sentenced to 22 years and three months.

But Fernandes’s legal team managed to secure his release last month, after only seven years.

He has signed a contract to return to professional football as goalkeeper for Boa Esporte, and club owner Rafael Gois Silva Xavier said this week: “He was found guilty, he served his time and he was released by the courts. He deserves another opportunity.”

“You have to show people that what Bruno did wasn’t correct, but that he has the right to return to society,” Moraes told reporters in the club’s home town of Varginha.

“I am someone who likes a challenge,” Moraes added. “Boa is not doing anything wrong, Boa is not a court of justice, Boa is an entity in the world of sports. And Bruno knows how to play football.”

Protesters were seen outside the club after his signing was announced.

It’s a welcome idea to want to give erring citizens a second chance, but releasing without completion of sentence is a spit on the justice system. A human being was brutally murdered for Christ sake!


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