Brands shower #KeepTheChangeBae with cool gifts

Brands shower #KeepTheChangeBae with cool gifts


Miss Ore Moshiku, in a twist of fate, has began receiving endorsements from a few major brands.

#KeeptheChangeBae trending on twitter at the moment is based on the story of the young lady who refunded money her date spent on a date that went south.

Brands have since jumped on the hashtag to advertise their products and services, and some have been inspired by her independence as a woman and tagged her ‘heroine’ and ‘FirstGem’ as her act encourages women empowerment.

I think it’s a really good day for the babe as some brands have gone ahead to reward her with some cool gifts. Brands like Firstbank Ng, TW.wigs, Stanbic IBTC, Hypermediapro, Nailboutique and Myphotographr have announced to giving her gifts. See them below;

Miss Ore Moshiku

See all the cool gifts she’s received so far;

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