Ali Baba speaks on the trend of embezzlement in the country

Ali Baba speaks on the trend of embezzlement in the country


By Mojola Aturamu

Veteran comedian, Ali Baba bared his mind last night on his Instagram page concerning the rampant trend of embezzlement plaguing the country. He reiterated how better it would have been if the stolen money was invested into the economy, rather the money is being taken outside Nigeria into an already developed economy.

Read his words;

“So you made some money from your country. Let’s not even talk about how you made it. You sneak the money out to another country. To oil their economy. Then you come back to Nigeria after stashing the money… to be lord over the people you stole blind. And because you have failed to provide proper education, the bulk of the people you stole from do not know their right from their left. So they hail you. Come to think of it, looks like it has always been part of the plan. DONT EDUCATE THEM SO THAT THEIR ASPIRATIONS CAN BE LIMITED OR NON EXISTENT. Now I get it. What does the establishment of a university do to the community it is situated in? The university will be built. That means labourers will work. The economy of the area will be activated for the better. Cement will be sold. Sand. Granite. Wood. Electrical equipment. Furniture. Food and drinks. Transportation. Health sector. Maternity. Markets. Churches. Mosques. Primary and secondary schools. Employment will mop up jobless citizens. Hotel and hospitality businesses… BUT NO. You made the money from Nigeria and decided it’s best to activate another economy in another country. I am using this university as an example… there are many investments that have been triggered with our money taken outside. Let’s think deep’’.

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