‘No more Uber! Uber is a SCAM!’ – Lagos Uber drivers protest 40% price cut

‘No more Uber! Uber is a SCAM!’ – Lagos Uber drivers protest 40% price cut

Mfonobong Akpan

Over 300 Uber drivers in Lagos took to the streets on Monday, May 8, 2017, in various groups, to protest a 40% price reduction recently introduced by the taxi service company, following a similar price reduction by Taxify, one of its main competitors in Lagos.

Maintenance costs, fuel costs and drastically reduced profits are some of the reasons behind the drivers’ agitations.

The drivers had originally headed to Uber’s onboarding office in Lekki Phase One, Lagos to air their grievances. However, when the Police refused to allow them entry into the building, they headed to Uber Nigeria’s main office in Ikoyi to engage with the Uber management.

A lot of them parked their vehicles inside Lekki and walked in protest to the Uber offices in Parkview with placards, one of which read “Uber Na Scam.”

The drivers threatened to quit Uber’s platform altogether unless one of two things are done: A revert of the price cut back to the old prices or a reduction of Uber’s commission from the current 25%. Some of the drivers said Uber’s decision to slash prices without consulting them showed how little the company thought of them.

Some of the drivers, speaking under the condition of anonymity, opined that the price cuts may not have been sanctioned by Uber’s global HQ, alluding that it was a decision taken by Uber’s Nigeria arm.

According to them, this new development will be less favourable to them, especially because the taxi company will still continue to receive their 25% monthly commission.

In a video shared on by GidiTraffic, a driver can be seen holding a placard which reads: “25% commission, Ko le werk!!!.”

The upset driver can also be heard screaming.” No more Uber! Uber is a SCAM!.”

See the video below.

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