Between Tonto Dikeh and the Nanny: The Entitlement Mentality

Between Tonto Dikeh and the Nanny: The Entitlement Mentality


By Titilayo Olurin

When news of Tonto Dikeh’s domestic help, Mgbechi Enyinnaya, accusing her boss of abandonment broke last week, my heart went out to the 56-year-old woman. I wondered why Tonto would cast aside her son’s one-time nanny so quickly.

But I soon realised that this was the exact response the nanny had hoped to elicit from me and others who heard of her accusations. The more I thought of it, the more it became obvious that the nanny’s accusations were unfounded, and for good reason too.

Since she had ceased being Dikeh’s employee for about two months and was no longer on her payroll, expecting her boss to pay her hospital bills was just ridiculous. Moreover, paying her medical bills wasn’t exactly Tonto Dikeh’s responsibility. All she owed the nanny was her full salary at the end of each month, something she already claimed to do. If she did anything else, it was only out of the kindness of her heart.

Yet, after a video of being questioned along with a statement by Dikeh surfaced, the nanny returned with  allegations of verbal abuse against the actress.  She did not forget to add that her boss lied about taking her to 15 countries and generously giving her things besides a few clothes. Okay, so what if Dikeh had indeed lied? Did the nanny expect to be given everything in her boss’ closet or to be taken to all the countries her boss visited? Her business was to do the job she was employed to do, not globe trot on her boss’ expense. Didn’t she in fact admit that she went to Ghana with the family? For some people like me, visiting Ghana is still just a dream.

And here was someone who traveled without as much as spending a dime complaining. It is obvious that this nanny is one with an entitlement mentality that thinks her desires are no less than what she deserves and has a right to all the domestic privileges.

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