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Nigerian Judge Allegedly Beat Redeem Pastor Over Noise Pollution

Nigerian Judge Allegedly Beat Redeem Pastor Over Noise Pollution

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, the Glory Tabernacle parish, at Ijapo Estate in Akure, Ondo State, witnessed a mild drama when Justice Oyebisi Folayemi Omoleye, a presiding judge of the Court of Appeal, confronted church members over its noisy religious activities.

It was gathered that Justice Omoleye, who was in the company of her security guard, also held a stick in her hand as she invaded the RCCG Church and allegedly assaulted some of its worshipers on Wednesday.

According to an unnamed source, the judge dashed into the church's building and began to film the congregation's activities. The church was reported to be in session for a weekly programme called the “Divine Encounter” at that moment.

The source, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that Justice Omoleye had always been furious about the noise from the church during its religious activities.

Hence, the judge had gone into the church premises to lay bare her complaints, reportedly using a stick and injuring Pastor Felix Solomon and assistant pastor, Felicia Akindurojoye, in the process.

The source said, "This woman (Justice Omoleye) entered into the church alongside her security guard and she began to record a video of the worshipers with her mobile phone. Immediately, one of the presiding pastors saw her and went to inquire why she was filming congregational worshipers in the church. But she replied that she was on the church premises to record the activities of the worshipers as they always disturbed her peace. I noticed that the pastor was really not comfortable with her action but gave her the go-ahead to record the programme since it is a church.

"But as a result of her action, many of the worshipers who attended the programme could not concentrate. And all of us were wondering what she was up to with the filming as she was busy recording our faces with her mobile phone.

According to the source, one of the pastors challenged Justice Omoleye when she discovered that the judge was recording the church's activities on her mobile phone.

"The Assistant Pastor, Mrs Felicia, who is 68 years old was coming out of the church covering her face with her bag and she questioned the judge asking her why she was recording her face and the people in the House of God.

“But she replied that she had recorded everybody because the church is a fake one where they only disturb the peace of others, insisting those worshipping in the place are all evil people.

Later, she attacked the elderly pastor [Felicia] and slapped her repeatedly on her face till the pastor fell on the floor. Some church members had to rush her to a hospital.

Nigerian Judge Allegedly Beat Redeem Pastor Over Noise Pollution

The Pastor-in-Charge of the Ondo RCCG Province 1 Church, Dele Oyeshola, also confirmed the incident, noting that Justice Omoleye had always been against the siting of the church beside her residence.

He said: "Imagine a whole presiding judge of the Court of Appeal could stoop that low to such a level of attacking worshipers in a church. Even, the police that were patroling the Ijapo Estate witnessed the incident but seemed too helpless because she is a presiding judge.

"And I think the policemen were only careful because they knew she is a presiding judge but we called their DPO who later intervened and spoke to her. One of the policemen was even asking the judge if she wanted to kill our assistant pastor because she hit the old woman on her thighs.

"She threatened that if the policeman came close to her, she would slap and beat the woman again and nothing will happen. The judge's house is directly here beside our church building and she had always been waging war against us to move our property away from the estate."

He added that the church authority has reported the attack to the regional pastor in RCCG Ondo province 22, saying a petition will be filed against the Judge.

However, the Ondo State Police Command said it could not comment on the issue as it had received no report regarding the incident. So it raises the eyebrows as to which police did the church claim to have called?

One of the associates of the Judge who was contacted said, Justice Omoleye was not willing to talk to the media.

"You know the honourable Justice would not want to speak to you as a journalist talkless of speaking on this issue. The church is only trying to paint her name (Justice Omoleye) in black for telling them to move away from the estate due to their disturbance in this vicinity."