Paper Round: Juergen Klopp’s heart in Manchester… but not at City

Paper Round: Juergen Klopp’s heart in Manchester… but not at City

Fola Akintomide

The outgoing Borussia Dortmund  manager is desperate to come and work in the Premier League – just not at Manchester City, according to Monday’s papers.

Klopps dreams of managing Man United: Juergen Klopp wants to manage in Manchester – but at United rather than City, according to the Sun. The paper has dredged up quotes given to the paper by the manager last year saying that his dream has always been to lead the Red Devils, but that he would also like to manage Liverpool – and the latest from their sources apparently confirms that his views have not changed since then. As for the rumours of Arsene Wenger becoming technical director so the Gunners could hire Klopp as manager, a source told The Sun that ” Arsenal don’t have a chance.”

Paper Round’s view: Manchester United are happy with Louis van Gaal so they won’t care where Klopp wants to go right now. Liverpool won’t be hiring him either. So how does this matter? It’s possible that if Klopp only wants to go to United or Liverpool that he won’t show any interest in Manchester City and will take a job in another country while waiting for the jobs at Old Trafford or Anfield to become available.

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