Oliseh Youtube Video: It was an act of manipulation – Dalong

Oliseh Youtube Video: It was an act of manipulation – Dalong

Mfonobong Akpan

Nigerian Sports Minister, Solomon Dalong has given his opinion on the recent video where Super Eagles head coach, Sunday Oliseh called critics insane.

In the video, Oliseh had slammed the Nigerian Football Federation, the media, and most stakeholders in the Super Eagles after he was criticised following Nigeria’s first round exit in the Cup of Home-Based African Nations.

However, Dalung has stated that he doesn’t believe Oliseh was the one in the video, claiming it was a manipulation.

Dalong said to reporters: “They (NFF) brought the issue of YouTube where Oliseh was alleged to have insulted Nigerians and said he should be made to apologise.”

“I said YouTube? and wondered why Nigerians in the 21st Century are using YouTube to analyse someone’s behaviour, when in this era of technology, they can get the picture of a lady and use it to match their own and they will develop something and put on line.

“I looked at that video and the quantum of how it was fluctuating convinced me that it was an act of manipulation. That is my judgment and I am free to hold this opinion,” the minister added.

“NFF should look at issues we need to address, instead of being fixated with wanting to sack Oliseh and hiring another coach, who will soon be sacked,” Dalong continued.

“After sacking that one, we will embark on the journey of looking for another one and then we will be thinking of sacking NFF because it is a sack game; because they have failed and we will hold them responsible as the one that employed coaches. That is what I am avoiding.”

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