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Dissecting the Premier League’s Top Marksmen

Dissecting the Premier League’s Top Marksmen


By Mac Izu Nelson

This weekend, we take a look at four of the premier league’s most in form strikers.


1. Diego ‘The BEAST’ Costa

Dissecting the Premier League’s Top Marksmen

Last season, Costa was a parody of himself. His dribbling was abysmal, his running was ponderous and because he was easily riled up, he was a constant target for opposition defenders.

This led to a meagre return of 12 goals in 28 appearances.

The beast had become a puppy, well gleaned off his best qualities.

The appointment of Antonio Conte has seemingly led to a revival of sorts and this season, we are witnessing a different El Chorlo.

In 15 appearances, with 13 goals he has already surpassed last season’s return.

Not just that, Costa is averaging less cards per game than in all his previous seasons, making him less a sore foot to his team.

He goes about the game like a man on a mission. Lithe, full of running, with a killer instinct for a goal; he is the favourite for the golden booth.

2. Alexis Sanchez

Dissecting the Premier League’s Top Marksmen

When Sanchez scored that beautiful goal against West Ham, tongues duly wagged.

And for good reason, too.

Sensational! A revelation! Henry-esque! These were just a few of the adjectives that were thrown about in the wake of his goal; a dummy, then a lob.

Then silence, as for some seconds, the crowd remained stupefied by his brilliance.

With 12 goals this season, Sanchez is well on his way to contend with other more established strikers for the golden booth.

And why not?

Hunger, desire, selflessness, these are the qualities that characterize Sanchez’s game.

As soon as the first whistle is blown, he runs amok, harrying opposition defenders into mistakes as witnessed in the Chelsea game earlier this season.

Sanchez is a bull, a defender’s nightmare.

3. Zlatan ‘The god’ Ibrahimovic

Dissecting the Premier League’s Top Marksmen

When it was first announced that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was going to be a premier league player, the romantic amongst us imagined a Cantona-esque impact.

Early goals in his pre-season games did nothing to allay those notions.

If anything, they fuelled them.

The pony-tailed assassin went on to score in his first three games in the premier league and fans were effusive with their praises of the 35 year old.

Then he went on an 11 game drought and those same fans called for his head.

Yet, the haloed god is back, riding on a cloud of goals.

Spatial awareness is Zlatan’s best quality. Awareness that means that despite his lack of pace, he is always one step ahead of defenders.

This awareness, which can only be the result of a high footballing IQ, has led to 9 goals for him in his last 10 games.

A great goal scorer as well as a scorer of great goals, Zlatan is well on his way to returning the glory days back to Old Trafford.

4. Romelu Lukaku

Dissecting the Premier League’s Top Marksmen

Highly underrated, yet immensely talented, Romelu Lukaku has become a force of nature.

His two goals against Leicester were a good exhibit of his best qualities.

With his pace, power, and aggression, Romelu Lukaku typifies what the English premier league is about. His return of 10 goals and 3 assists mean that he is typically in the run in for the Premier league’s Golden booth.

Do not bet against him to surprise us all, and win it.