Suarez the Dazzling Vampire while City Cruise; 2 Things We Learnt

Suarez the Dazzling Vampire while City Cruise; 2 Things We Learnt


By Mac Izu Nelson

Today’s two things we learnt takes a look back at some of yesterday’s football action.

1. Suarez is really good; There was a time when I would sit with my mates, a glass of something mildly alcoholic in my hand, and we would talk about how good Ibrahimovic was.

For us, Zlatan was a god. “Ponytailed assassin”, was what we called him during our congenial roosting; and he really is an intimidating specimen of male that guy.

Once, I bared my teeth, growling in annoyance when a friend I referred to as “inept”, made the “mistake” of suggesting Luis Suarez was a better number 9.

But I flurry of YouTube videos later, I had become a Suarez “fanatic.”

Yesterday against Atletico, Suarez displayed some of his best qualities when it mattered most.

Atletico, despite their failings this season have been known for their defensive co-ordination.

Especially with stalwart, Diego Godin in the side.

But his inclusion mattered little as Luis Suarez forced his way through the Atletico Madrid backline to score a Messi-esque goal.

His dribbling, his pace, his hunger and of course his finishing; these are the qualities which set Suarez apart from other number 9s in the modern game.

Barca’s press begins with him and because he is a willing runner, it is rewarded every time.

There is no criticism of Suarez’s game, save for a few bouts of profligacy in front of goal.
And these bouts are very few and well spaced, compared to the one who is referred to as ponytailed assassin.

Let’s hail Suarez, the dazzling vampire.

2. City The Biggest Winners; After recent results, Manchester City fans must sandwiched between euphoria and ecstasy.

That sweet spot where there is a perpetual smile on your face, your legs shaking in ejaculated bliss.

The football has been glorious, typified by the swift, smooth passing we have all come to identify with Guardiola teams.

Playing Yaya Toure, it seems, reaps dividends. Who knew?


Gabriel Jesus has been something of a revelation since coming into the side with his hunger and aggression while Sane looks a man reborn.

Even David Silva has provided glimpses of his best days, while Sterling remains a swinging pendulum.

As always, when City look to be devoid of ideas they turn to Kevin De Bruyne, and be it a cross field pass to relieve pressure by setting off a winger, or a calmly taken goal; the attacking midfielder always delivers.

His display yesterday, was all encompassing; measured, deadly, brilliant.

But he was not the only one to impress as Jesus also opened his account for the goal as well as grabbed himself an assist for the De Bruyne goal.

Sane looks to be coming into his own, skipping past a couple of challenges before putting the ball on a platter for David Silva to lash home.

The City frontline looks to be coming together and they must have been buoyed by Manchester United’s failings at the other end of the City.

City now distance themselves from an underwhelming United team, who look destined to finish 6th.

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