Is Dele Alli better than Lampard, Gerrard and Beckham combined?

Is Dele Alli better than Lampard, Gerrard and Beckham combined?


By Williams ‘Bantu’ Irubor

According to the statistics, Dele Alli has been involved with as many Premier League goals (40) before turning 21 as Frank Lampard (15), Steven Gerrard (13) and David Beckham (12) combined.

Alli scored the opener for Spurs with a stunning strike just three days before his 21st birthday, and that further underlined the bright, nervy and brassy talent of the youngster who, it is worth remembering, was scoring for MK Dons against Leyton Orient less than two years ago.

That is now an incredible 19 goals in all club competitions for the attacking midfielder this season, following on from the 10 he managed in his debut season for Spurs. He has now also scored more league goals (16) this season than any other under-21 player in Europe’s top five leagues.

So what transfer fee would you attach to him now? £50m? £60m?

But this is what former Premier League midfielder Robbie Savage had to say about Alli:

“What is world class? I think to be world class you have to affect big games, do it on a regular basis and win games on your own. To say he is world class now is a huge statement. Name me big games he’s affected, particularly in Europe and the Champions League. Potentially yes, but is he now?”

So do you think Dele Alli can be categorised as “World Class” right now or he has the potentials to become one?

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