Bonucci Backtracks On Moise Kean Racist Comments

Bonucci Backtracks On Moise Kean Racist Comments

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Juventus defender, Leonardo Bonucci, has defended himself for comments he made on the reported racial abuse suffered by Moise Kean during Juventus' match against Cagliari.

Following the backlash he received, the defender has taken steps to clarify things, claiming he was misunderstood with his comments.

The Italian had said the teenager was partly to blame for the horrible incident at Cagliari as he expected him to have handled the situation in a more professional manner.

"I think the blame is 50-50 because Moise shouldn’t have done that and the Curva should not have reacted that way.

“We are professionals, we have to set the example and not provoke anyone.”

Those comments earned him criticism from many, including Raheem Sterling who claimed "all you can do is laugh" at Bonucci's comments.

But Bonucci has admitted that he spoke in haste while claiming that his words were misunderstood.

"After 24 hours I want to clarify my feelings. Yesterday I was interviewed right at the end of the game, and my words have been clearly misunderstood, probably because I was too hasty in the way I expressed my thoughts, " he wrote on Instagram.

"Hours and years wouldn't be enough to talk about this topic. I firmly condemn all forms of racism and discrimination. The abuses are not acceptable at all and this must not be misunderstood.

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