Rape Case: Video Footage Of Accuser Attacking Neymar In Hotel Bed

Rape Case: Video Footage Of Accuser Attacking Neymar In Hotel Bed

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Neymar's rape case has taken yet another twist after a new video footage of the woman, who accused him of rape in a Paris hotel, attacking him in bed surfaced online.

The video, which was filmed the day after the alleged sexual assault, shows Neymar lying on the bed as the model, Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza, begins to lash out at him.

Trindade claims she was raped by the football star during their meet-up in a Paris hotel on May 15, with the forward forcing himself on her even while she repeatedly asked him to stop.

The PSG man who has been ruled out of the Copa America through injury had paid for her flight tickets to France after exchanging intimate messages online.

Both parties met at the five-star, Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe, where the world’s most expensive footballer had paid for her to stay during her visit.

The 26-year-old had told presenter, Roberto Cabrini, on Brazilian TV that although she had intentions of making out with Neymar, he acted aggressively before raping her during their time together on 15 May.

“I talked to him as an ordinary person; it was a sexual intention, a desire on my part and this was very clear to him.

“He asked me when I could visit him. I said at the moment I could not go because of financial issues.

“Also because of my commitments at work. Then he suggested he could solve it.”

The interview was after Neymar, in a bid to clear his name, shared their chats on WhatsApp in an Instagram Live video.

After Trindade's TV interview where she reaffirmed that she was attacked violently and raped, a video popped up on social media which showed that it was her who was rather violent towards the PSG frontman.

She is heard in the video saying in Portuguese what has been translated to English as: "I'm going to hit you, you know why? Because you attacked me yesterday and left me here alone," while she attacked Neymar.

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