Francisca Ordega
Francisca Ordega

Super Falcons’ Francisca Ordega To Continue With Her Pre-game Makeup Despite Criticism

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Super Falcons star, Francisca Ordega, has promised to continue wearing makeup before games despite being slammed by a fan on Twitter for looking good.

The 25-year-old was one of several Nigerian stars that were criticized after they lost their opening game 3-0 to Norway at the ongoing Women's World Cup.

Frustrated by that result, a Twitter user singled out Ordega and her makeup as one of the reasons the Nigerian team lost.

On sighting a picture of the 25-year-old on the micro-blogging platform, the fan wrote: "Na this girl on attachment vex me pass for that game….you dey do make up come field…paint nails…that long hair no dey make her run well….we played well but we defended poorly."

He probably wasn't expecting the comment to get to the Chinese based star, but as they say, the internet can be a small space.

Ordega saw the post and quoted it with a reply, asking the fan to turn off his television if the sight of her makeup was disturbing before assuring him that she would continue.

"Hey you, I mean you..the girl with the attachment was me and I see no read (reason) why my own attachment and make up come be your problem, and if at all it is then abeg unplugged your TV and never watch again cos I will do more of that for the next be ready to see more."

Not okay with her reaction to the complaint against her, another fan stepped in to caution her against replying social media criticism but to instead focus her energy on the next game.

But again, the former Athletic Madrid player replied him in kind, reminding him that her looks had no effect on the game neither does it affect the first fan.

"An angry fan won’t talk about my look…he will only talk about the game…how does my makeup affect him?? And back to your Answer yes I will answer cos I’m a human being just as you so is better not say anything," she added.

Ordega and the rest of her teammates would have to correct all of their lapses from the first game ahead of their next match against South Korea.

Another defeat against the Asians would reduce Nigeria's chances to qualify out of the group with their last game scheduled against hosts, France.

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